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Human insight
Uncover human truths to drive change and better understand the why behind your audience’s decisions and actions.
Unlock the power of communities to foster consumer-brand connectivity, create frictionless customer experiences, and drive innovation and culture change.
Accomplish more with your customers, employees and citizens than you could have alone. Supercharge your experience in design, marketing, innovation and corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts with communities.

One platform to engage them all


Create impactful designs that resonate with your audience while ensuring a seamless experience and consistency with your brand.

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Drive active dialogue and engage the audience in intuitive and curated activities to uncover the rich insights, thoughts and ideas while injecting excitement into the screen experiences.

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Extract actionable insights, identify key themes as they emerge, and monitor sentiment and emotions leveraging artificial intelligence (AI)-powered real-time analytics.

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  • Our cooperation with EY MillionYou was very valuable. Thanks to EY MillionYou, we have a variety of assets that can be used for precision marketing and discovered a few bright ideas for future campaigns. EY MillionYou delivers what it promises: fresh, high-quality content in a short time.
  • Working together with EY MillionYou resulted in the creation of high-quality and diverse content for use by Somersby brand. This is all thanks to the professional and creative approach of the team combined with a successful content selection workshop formula with us as the client, the creative agency and the media house.
    Carlsberg Group
  • EY MillionYou has provided us with a comprehensive service aimed at supporting Michelin in gaining talented employees and promoting the brand of the employer. We would like to emphasize that our cooperation proceeded smoothly, and all activities were done professionally and with due diligence. It allowed us to obtain measurable effects as to the scope of the campaign and the implementation of its goals.
  • Thanks to EY MillionYou, we managed to reach a community of hundreds of students who shared with us their opinions about the home appliances market. The project was carried out exquisitely and we received valuable and credible opinions on the future of shopping.
    A leading electronics and household appliances retailer
  • It is difficult to imagine a city that ignores the voice of its citizens and does not include them in the process of shaping the surrounding space. Thanks to the Open Warsaw platform, residents have become a force that creates real changes in the city.
    Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw
  • Social participation is always a challenge, but thanks to our cooperation with EY MillionYou, who supported us with their deep expertise, this process has brought the expected results and improved the quality of dialogue between the city and its citizens.
    The President’s Office at Poznan City Council
  • It was a pleasure to work with the EY MillionYou team. It gave our citizens new possibilities and innovative, digital space for sharing ideas. Thanks to EY MillionYou’s knowledge and passion, this process has become not only an extraordinary experience, but also brought great results.
    Authority representative of European a half a million urban agglomeration
  • EY MillionYou team demonstrated openness and partnership approach in delivering a crowdsourcing platform for the bank's employees. The ideas captured on the platform were fine-tuned in working groups and presented in front of the innovation commission for final decision. We treat those relationships as a sound basis for future cooperation.
    A leading bank in Central Europe

Combining community expertise with flexible technology

  • Engaging students and teachers in discussions on finance
    A leading American Bank
    Woman and other people cheering
    Two women sitting in the chair and doing notes
    Challenge The aim was to introduce the defined target audience of students and teachers to the world of economics in a modern, nonstandard way and to initiate discussions about new educational methods. Approach We invited students and teachers to a nationwide discussion on a dedicated platform, encompassing a series of highly engaging activities about financial management in the context of the future of education, blending physical and digital worlds. Results The materials generated by the students and teachers were disseminated and promoted on the internet through a dedicated sharing campaign using a dedicated EY MillionYou platform (more than half a million people viewed the promoted content).
  • Driving continuous citizen engagement and dialogue
    City of Warsaw
    Woman and other people cheering
    Two women sitting in the chair and doing notes
    Challenge The City Council planned to build a community of engaged citizens that would actively participate in the process of improving their city by submitting ideas for change. Approach We created a long-term citizen engagement program. The platform functioned as a central place for productive dialogue between authorities and citizens on subjects important to the city. Results We grew and nurtured that community for over three years.
    Open Warsaw became an important component of a city created by residents. Thanks to this initiative, the citizens of Warsaw could speak on issues related to development and now want to take an active part in the transformation of their city.
  • Capturing consumer insights on the past, current and future shopping experiences
    A leading electronics and household appliances retailer
    Woman and other people cheering
    Two women sitting in the chair and doing notes
    Challenge A leading electronics brand with over 1,000 stores across Europe wanted to make a well-informed decision around integrating their sales channels under a single brand. Approach EY MillionYou designed a program targeting a specific consumer segment — more than 20,000 students and the young generation of electronics consumers. Results We received over 100 concepts on how the client can increase product awareness and sales, among their consumers, in their stores directly.
    All of the ideas were used as inputs for the final channel integration strategy.
  • Driving culture change with real-time insights
    Global consumer products company
    Woman and other people cheering
    Two women sitting in the chair and doing notes
    Challenge The client wanted to undertake qualitative and quantitative research, drive systematic change that will foster more inclusive leadership and culture, address key barriers to inclusion, and build a road map that will translate insights into action. Approach We deployed a dedicated branded platform engaging employees across LATAM, Europe and Asia-Pacific in global discussions and targeted focus groups. Results We captured the voice of the employee (VOE) at scale by deploying the EY MillionYou platform as part of the project; and engaging employees across LATAM, Europe and Asia-Pacific in global discussions and targeted focus groups (59 countries, 33 departments and 1,500 contributions).
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